The village, Thrule Shabru, can only be reached by an 8-hour bus ride from Kathmandu ending in Shabru Besi, from where it takes approximately 3 hours to climb the mountain vertically to reach the village of Thrule Shabru.
This village was located in the center of the earthquake, and about 70% of the village was destroyed.
The sitortion after the earthquake in Nepal was catastrophic.
Here are some recent pictures.



The result of the meeting:
The first thing that was talked about was the size and design of the house, and the first difficulties arose.
If I had built this house before the earthquake it would have been € 7,000, but now, after the earthquake, prices have increased by almost 100%.
There are hardly any workers, and building materials have become immensely expensive. In addition, the cost of transporting the Nepalese-style natural stone has risen immensely,

and in this case the stones must be brought to the village 1.5 kilometers away.
The house with the internal dimensions about 10 x 8 meters, with wooden door and wooden windows, a gable roof made of zinc sheet, kitchens and toilets outside, simple water connections and light is currently !! approx. 11,000.- € – 13,000.- € (prices are still rising)
This includes all costs, material, working hours, transport
That means: There are about 5,000.- € – 6,000.- € to realize this project.

We start to rebuild the house in 2016


and the house was completed in 2018

If you want to support us, please send some donations to
Wolfgang Wehner ÖTG IBAN: AT15 2011 1281 5302 7306 BIC / SWIFT: GIBAATWWXXX Institute name: Erste Bank
ÖTG = Austrian Tibetan Society

I hope so far to have given a small overview, and ask for feedback, and suggestions regarding this project.
All the best and good luck


Here are some Photos from my Doughter Mendo

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